Climbing Ladder

Wooden ladder with climbing animations to climb up and climb down.
Click the bottom of the ladder to climb up. When the avatar reaches the top of the ladder, they get off on the left or right side (both right and left versions included)
Click the top of the ladder to climb down. The avatar gets on to the left side or right of the ladder and climbs down.

Includes ladder, animation and scripts to unsit the avatar at the top of the ladder when climbing up and at the bottom when climbing down.



Keep an eye on things with this two level Watchtower from Amat Animations. Great for beaches or as a fire tower or even in 19th century war reenactment role-playing sims.

Climb the ladder to the first level where there is room for a couple of chairs or maybe some defensive hardware. Then shinny up the pole to the second level where you’ll get a bird’s eye view of the surrounding area.

All parts are fully modifiable so you can adjust the tower to your needs.

To climb up: Touch the bottom of the ladder or pole
To climb down: Touch the top of the ladder or pole

The Watchtower poster


Old Style Wooden Outhouse

When you gotta go, you gotta go.

That’s what this old style wooden outhouse is all about. Designed in the American frontier style with its half moon door, use it for private contemplation or just going about your business. Don’t forget your Sears catalog!

Great for wild west sims or for rest stops in parkland and nature sims.

To use: The outhouse door opens with a click, then click the seat to settle in.


Headphones & Laptop (wearables)

Headphones&Laptop Pack

You can wear both items individually

Wear the headphones first and you will sit on ground. The avatar’s neck and head will move freely (depending on the avatar’s movements)

You can wear the laptop once you are sitting on ground. The avatar will start to type on a looped animation, showing everyone nearby that you are busy working…at something 🙂

* The laptop attaches to right upper leg. It comes with four different screen textures, changed by touch!

* Headphones attach to the chin. You can tint the head-strap and the mic by editing linked parts/texture/and apply any color you like.

* Both products are Copy/Modify

Amat Animations is my business in the Virtual Worlds. Visit my store at Second Life Turing Isle or at Inworldz :: Matahari Estates 211/21/21 or at 3RD Rock :: Demosthenes Sim to try my products out for your try my products out for your self.

Home Office Set

Gather with your friends sitting around the table, to work on that inworld’s project. Take notes and sip your coffee or work on the Laptop.
The Home Office Set it is made of three items: 1  Table & 4 Animated Chairs (1 prim each), 1 prim Animated Laptop and a Handwriting Set (Paper Folder, Pencil Pot & Coffee Mug)
You can buy the items separately.
Change the color of the Chairs and the Laptop’s screen by touch.

Home Office Set
Amat Animations is my business in Second Life and in Inworldz and in 3RG Rock. Visit my store at Turing Isle in Second Life or at Matahari Island /178/21/21 in InWorldz or at Demosthenes Sim in 3RG Rock to try my products out for your self.